Junk Trash Removal Services

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1.Trash Removals in Minnetonka

We know that getting rid of all your unwanted junk could be a daunting task. Fret no more! Call in the professionals and set your apprehensions aside. Kaba Junk Removers, professional junk trash removals in Minnetonka is a well-established cleaning and trash removal company, and is the only solution to all junk removal and cleaning woes.

With a successful completion of 5 years in this field, and after serving myriad residential and commercial establishments, we stand today as the most prominent junk trash removals in Minnetonka. We can clear out years of garbage and debris from basements, attics, garages, apartments, condos, hi rises, warehouses, office buildings, construction sites and vacant homes.

We employ highly trained workforce and use modern equipments for the job to be concluded with the best results.

Equally concerned about the environment, we aim at recycling almost 50% of all the re-useable and cycle-able junk and debris, just to reduce the amount waste going into the landfills. Remember us for all your Junk Trash Removals in Minnetonka. We specialize in removals of furniture’s, appliances, electronics, bulk trash, mattresses, household junk, sheds, play sets, carpeting, scrap wood, scrap metal, concrete, construction waste, and more!

Things that Sets Us Apart from Our Competition:
  • Our trucks can remove single trash items or multiple truckloads.
  • No commercial job is too big or too small for us to deal with.
  • We employ highly trained workforce to carry out all the removal jobs.
  • Honest pricing for all residential and commercial clean out.
  • We recycle all re-useable junk and trash.
Call us today at (763) 244-2798 or 763-746-2059 or make your online schedule.

2. Junk Trash Removals in Brooklyn Center, MN

We specialize in domestic and non domestic junk trash removals in Brooklyn Center. We flaunt our more than 5 years experience in junk removal business and serve you a qualified and skilled removal service.

We remove every single piece of unwanted junk from every part and corners of your house.

We remove and haul away all of your unwanted clutter. All you have to do is hire us or fill up our online schedule. We lift, load and haul trash away. We also double clean your place after the removal procedure, to guarantee you a full satisfactory service. Before, carrying out removal procedure, we deeply inspect your location and plan required removal strategies in order to escape all the possible damages. Along with your clean house, we also guarantee full environmental protection as well, so choose our eco-friendly junk trash removals in Brooklyn Center, MN.

Our Junk Trash Removals in Brooklyn Center can be classified into-
  • Rubbish & Trash Removal
  • Cleanout & Demolition
  • House Cleaning
  • Furniture Removal
  • Debris & Yard Trash
  • Solid Waste Removal
  • Appliance Removal
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Electronics Removal
  • Garbage Removal
  • Mattress/carpets Removal
  • Computer Disposal
  • Antique Furniture
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3. Junk Trash Removals in Brooklyn Park, MN

Brooklyn Park is one of the most populous and industrial in whole Minnesota. Huge amount of junk trash is natural to be there. Our Junk Trash Removals in Brooklyn Park removes all of your junk materials, from your house, your office or from any place as per your requirement. We give your absolute services that will provide your house a master degree in Cleanliness.

We take cleanliness and sanitation in Brooklyn Park seriously and deal with all the junk trash materials using technology, which promotes green-environment. No matter big or small trash materials are in your place, we help to remove your entire anxiety of junk trash in most eco-friendly way.

We recycle and donate more than 50% of your junk to those organizations supporting people in need. Get rid of your accumulated clutter and live in hygienic surroundings.

We lift, haul and load your items onto the truck and sweep the site thoroughly. Our junk trash removals in Brooklyn Park properly examine the site map of your house, and apply required strategies to remove junk trash without any kind of unwanted damages

Cleanout & Demolition

4. Cleanout & Demolition

Kaba Junk Demolition & Cleanout in Minnetonka, Brooklyn is a private company categorized under Rubbish Collection and Disposal Services. Companies like Kaba Junk Demolition & Cleanout usually offer services such as: Trash Removal, Dumpster Service, Appliance Removal, Junk Disposal and Pick up Trash Services.

WIf you are moving to a new location, closing your shop or just expanding and need your office space cleaned out, then you have come to the right place. Call the Kaba Junk Removers for help.

No matter what the reason, if you need to be emptied out in hurry or you just do not want to take the time and effort to do it yourself, and then you need a professional and fast team to do the job. Time is of great essence to any business small or big and eventually time is money. You can have your office personnel help dismantle the cubicles and furniture and empty the contents of the office for you but you shall be losing out important works hours. With untrained and often unmotivated workers the job of moving out of your office space can take days or even weeks to finish. Ever moved to a new apartment or home? Remember how much work it was? Often you start packing boxes months in advance in order to be ready for that big move in a single day. And usually something goes wrong or it just takes much longer than you had planned and you come back another day to finish it up.

We are here to help you out, feel free to call us at (763) 244-2798, (763) 746-2059 or make your online schedule.
Furniture removals

5. Furniture Removal

Couches, sofas, recliner chairs and just about any piece of furniture you may have. Kaba Junk Removers can pick it up and either reuse it, recycle it or properly dispose of it. As a national furniture removers company we pride ourselves in being able to provide highly professional and prompt furniture removal services in all states and offer regular services to the Minnesota area.

The way we work! - Furniture removals are done with care using furniture removal equipment. We use trolleys, dollies and straps. A fully equipped removals service with a trained team force can really move things efficiently. The difference in how long it takes for an experienced furniture remover and an ordinary two man and truck labor hire is incredible!

For safety of your furniture call us - (763)244-2798

Debris & Yard Trash

6. Debris & Yard Trash

Need to clean up your messy yard? Let us help you by offering our exclusive yard trash removal service. We do the work both inside and outside the property.

We have the experience to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and at an affordable rate. We remove, whether you need residential or commercial debris and yard trash removal, Kaba Junk Removers bundles in bags or containers numbering anywhere from one to the hundreds, and we offer special rates and services for businesses. Get your yard back to the respectable state it deserves to be in! Although we do not do landscaping, we are happy to rid you of all your loose debris around the yard.

So when you need immediate and affordable debris and yard trash removal services, call for hassle-free service. We offer flexible scheduling to best fit your needs, budget and schedule.

We are always eager to hear from you -(763)244-2798

Solid Waste removal

7. Solid Waste removal

Kaba Junk Removal Service also consists of removing Solid Waste like everyday items we use and then throw away, such as product packaging, grass clippings, furniture, clothing, bottles, food scraps, newspapers, appliances, paint, and batteries. This comes from our homes, schools, hospitals, and businesses.

Kaba Junk Removers is doing its part to secure the longevity of our ecosystem by stressing on Solid Waste Minimization compliance through recycling waste in collaboration with energy programs. At Kaba Junk Removers we have the experience to find the best and most efficient disposal or recycling facility for your waste materials.

Call us to minimize the waste and help to keep our earth safe and green (763)244-2798.

Appliance Removal

8. Appliance Removal

Removing an appliance, like a refrigerator or stove can be a real pain. These objects can be heavy and awkward to lift, making appliance removal a difficult task. In addition to the injury appliance removal can cause your back, and old appliances often contain harmful chemicals that require proper disposal. Simply point to the appliances you want removed and we will load them all onto the truck, clean up area, and recycle, donate, or dispose of it.

Save your back, gas and time by calling Kaba Junk Removers to haul away and recycle your large appliances. (763)244-2798.

Computer Disposal

9. Computer Disposal

Kaba Junk Removers Service offers a professional and secures equipment disposal service to businesses and individuals. Therefore we offer charitable computer recycling. We pride our self on our ability to plan properly for the recovery of your electronic equipment. Our planning utilizes either our fleet of trucks or our hauling partners for large pick-ups that exceed our capacity. We can pick up and dispose of all your unwanted and electronic equipment from your location or you can bring them to us.

We also have the ability to structure a nationwide pick up program for any size. One of the biggest concerns you may have is the secure destruction of computer hard drives and the data held on those hard drives. Kaba Junk recycling has specialized equipment designed to totally remove any data held in your computer beyond recovery.

Call us for more information (763)244-2798 or make an online schedule.